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In September 2012 we submitted this project to the Regional School Office of Emilia-Romagna. Over several months, and more specifically until January 2013, we had a polite and intense exchange via email and phone with them, but unfortunately we never got invited to personally present our project. Unfortunately, we never got an answer from them.

By coincidence, in February 2013 the Ministry of Education University and Research, in collaboration with the Regional School Offices of Emilia-Romagna, Calabria and Abruzzo, published a national contest addressed to schools, ‘LA SCUOLA STUDIA E RACCONTA IL TERREMOTO’ (Schools study and narrate the earthquake). Teachers and pupils were called to narrate the changes they experienced after an earthquake, through the submission of artworks, essays, poems, videos, etc…

This call for submissions, , didn’t mention if and how the schools’ production would be analysed, organised, processed, archived, etc., and if it would be of any future use to schools, government, society and economy.

Despite of the coincidence, we still have a hope that we functioned as inspiration Muses to the Ministry and to the Regional School Offices, and that some of our ideas flowed into their contest. However, we don’t consider this as a ‘happy’ ending, and we would have preferred an OPEN ending.

Finally, we would like to thank the friends and colleagues, who supported us with enthusiasm in pursuing our ideas and dreams. There is no need to name them here, as the opinions expressed in this story are only ours, but they should know that they were of great help to us.

Livegreenblog reported on this project

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